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VAMScenes Directory FAQ
Q: What is VAM?
A: Virt-a-Mate (VAM) is virtual reality simulator created by MeshedVR. You can find out more about this amazing project at https://www.patreon.com/meshedvr/posts
Q: What is this site?
A: This site is a directory of the reddit sites /r/vamscenes and /r/virtamate. With over 1,000 threads and growing daily, VAMScenes contains tons of great content that can be difficult to sift through. With this site you can filter by article type, author and other keywords and tags. You can also search tags and thread titles to find specific content.
Q: Why are there no download links on this site or direct links to the content?
A: The purpose of this site is to make it easier to find content that has been posted to the official VAM reddit site. By going through that site you can see the creator's full post with comment threads, and you can (and should) upvote the thread if you like the content.
Q: Do I need an account to use this site?
A: No, you do not need an account. But if you create an account you will be able to submit tags and (coming soon) mark threads as read so they can be excluded by certain filters to make it easier for you to see unread content.
Q: I checked some filters and then unchecked some stuff and now it's not showing all the content.
A: I'm still working out some bugs with the filter system. Refresh the page to see all content.
Q: I found a thread here that is missing tags. How can I add/change the tags?
A: First, you must create an account if you wish to submit tags. Then, click the "tags" link and you will see a pop-up that allows you to check additional tags. Please note that unless you are a moderator, all tag additions will require moderator approval.
Q: Why do tags require moderator approval?
A: The whole goal of this site is to help organize all the VAM content. Too many tags diminish the effectiveness of the filters.
Q: Why don't all of the tags or thread authors show up in the filters?
A: An author filter option only displays if there are at least five total threads with that tag. You can, however, still search by author or tag by typing it into the search box field.
Q: Where are so few threads marked under the Content filter?
A: A lot of those tags still need to be added. Feel free to help!
Q: I am the author of one or more of the linked reddit posts and I do not want my content listed on this site.
A: This site is just meant to be a directory, but we respect the wishes of all content creators. Send a message to user CitizenX_2319 through reddit using the same account you used to post the reddit thread and I will remove it from this site.
Q: Where do I leave suggestions / feedback?
A: Post to the reddit thread announcing this site, or send a reddit message to CitizenX_2319.
Q: I'm interested in helping to moderate the tags.
A: Thanks! Send a reddit message to CitizenX_2319.
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